Blade Runner 2049: Teaser, release date, synopsis … What you need to know about the movie

Cinema 20 December, 2016

The Blade Runner 2049 teaser has just been unveiled and it is exciting! What makes us want to know more about his synopsis, his characters and his release date!
Well, we will not lie, when Ridley Scott announced plans to write and produce a sequel to his classic Blade Runner was somewhat looked up to heaven. ” What? Another result that will distort the original movie? “, That is also essentially what has been thought. And the fact that the new project of the director was made terribly discreet during the whole period of the shooting has helped us to lose interest a little. But that was before landed the teaser of Blade Runner in 2049 with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford . No explosions, no action scenes, no frankly powerful replicas either. No, only the mention of the replicants, a dark and mysterious atmosphere that reminds us of the neo-black tone of the classic 1982 and the appearance of Harrison Ford – less joyful but just as exciting as the one staged in the first teaser Force Wake – in the role of Deckard. That’s enough to make us literally stamp with impatience! So history you have something you put in the tooth in addition to the video, melty back on everything you need to know to Blade Runner in 2049 , his synopsis to its release date!
You saw, so this is Ryan Gosling, which was confirmed in the cast of Blade Runner in 2049 there are more than one year, which embodies the main character. Until now, we did not know much about his role but, today, we finally have some details to put to the teeth. Because the studios took advantage of the release of the teaser to broadcast at the same time the official synopsis of the film. This therefore takes place, as the name suggests, thirty years after the events narrated in the first Blade Runner . One follows the character of Ryan Gosling, a Los Angeles police officer named K (at least, it’s not complicated), who also became a blade runner charged with investigating defective replicants. One day he discovers a long-buried secret that could plunge the rest of society into chaos. His investigation leads him then to cross the path of Deckard, a former blade runner like him who has been missing for thirty years .
As you can see, the synopsis leaves the mystery behind K’s discoveries and what happened to Deckard all these years! However, to see the teaser of Blade Runner in 2049 , referring to several scenes of the original film – including one, famous, with the piano – one can imagine that evoke the question that is still debate among fans: Deckard is it or not, himself a replicant ? Ridley Scott himself, the question does not even arise, the director had even said in 2015 in an interview for Yahoo: ” Of course it is a replicant damn well he will he finally admit it! . “. Denis Villeneuve, to whom we owe the very successful First Contact, still room , is obviously less certain. But he intends to raise the issue as he said the site Crave Online: ” I would just say to the fans that we are about this mystery I’ll do it. ..” Does this mean that all our doubts will soon be overcome?
If he could have a more secondary role this time, Harrison Ford has in any case said that Blade Runner in 2049 was ” the best scenario that [he had] ever read .” At least, it’s reassuring! As for the other characters, they remain very secret . Apart from Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, we still do not know officially what other actors are in the casting of the film. Dave Bautista, unforgettable Drax in The Guardians of the Galaxy , he suggested a few months ago he was involved in the project. But since then, nothing. However, it would seem that Jared Leto, as we saw in Suicide Squad in the role of the Joker, was confirmed in the cast, along with Robin Wright ( House of Cards ). However, again, we are unaware of the place they could occupy in the plot of the film. And before having indications, it will surely have to be (very) patients! For, as is clearly indicated at the end of the teaser, Blade Runner in 2049 is not expected before … October 6, 2017. Well, the appointment is taken anyway! What did you think of the teaser?