Blade Runner 2049: What will be the tone of the film?

Cinema 14 January, 2017

Blade Runner was not a very happy movie, far from it! Then his suite, Blade Runner 2049, will retain its tone and its dark and melancholy atmosphere?
To resurrect the franchises whose last opus was released more than ten years ago, it can prove a complicated hair! As much can be successful – as recent examples of Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Wake proved it – as can clearly be planted ( Independence Day: Resusrgence, anyone ?). So obviously, we imagine that Denis Villeneuve, to whom we owe the two incredible Sicario and First Contact , a little pressure, it has agreed to carry Blade Runner in 2049 , following the essential classic Ridley Scott. Moreover, during an interview with The Canadian Press, the director did not hesitate to admit that the project was risky and expectations of the public, especially high . ” People are waiting for obvious reasons. The first film was a masterpiece and it is a very risky project and represents a real challenge. But I can tell you that this is the most experience rewarding and most exciting I’ve ever experienced in my life . “. And the director wants to assure us, Blade Runner 2049, in addition to marking the return of several characters from the first film , as well retain the tone and atmosphere of it!
And those who have seen Blade Runner know that it is not really fendard! Instead, it borrows the codes of the genre of film noir and science fiction films to offer a unique atmosphere very dark . Denis Villeneuve therefore intends to keep this atmosphere and to transcribe it in the sequel. He explains: ” The first film was a black film, very intense in terms of melancholy and marked by an existential crisis So I would say that we did not much away from these themes We have kept the same kind and the same atmosphere.. . “. And actually, just see the first trailer of Blade Runner in 2049 to believe it! The quest for K officer, the new Blade Runner starring Ryan Gosling, may be quite dark . Expect the meltynautes, that the film thus makes the spotlight on some form of existentialism and black melancholy . If only because we will finally know if Deckard is, yes or no, a replicant, as Denis Villeneuve himself has promised us. Of course, the streets of Los Angeles will never appear so sad and dark! Did you see the first film?