Blade Runner 2049: Why did Harrison Ford agree to come back?

Cinema 17 May, 2017

Harrison Ford will be back in the sequel to Blade Runner and he recently explained why!
Getting back into the skin of a character almost 30 years after leaving it can be considered difficult or even risky. Hollywood is not used to being tender with the suites especially when the first film is considered a real success. Clearly none of this frightened Harrison Ford who ultimately finds his characters after several years as he did with Indiana Jones or even Han Solo with Star Wars The Reveil of Force, This is probably the last time he will play it . He will return in October in Blade Runner 2049 in which he will bring back life to Deckard and he recently explained what had motivated his return. He said: ” This character is so ingrained in history, it always intrigued me. There is a whole emotional context around him and the relationship between Deckard – that I play – and the other characters is fascinating. I also think it’s interesting to find a character after so long . ”
He then discusses what we can expect from Blade Runner 2049 and explains: “The first film was based on the technology we have in most cases today surpassed. The film takes into account the 30 years that have passed And references are made to the technology that we have today. What is interesting for me is that we also take into account the ethical issues that progress imposes . ” As you can see, Harrison Ford finds this new projo very interesting and while the official trailer of Blade Runner 2049 was unveiled recently, we look forward to discover it in theaters!