Blade Runner 2049: Why does Denis Villeneuve realize this sequel?

Cinema 5 February, 2017

Blade Runner 2049, following the famous film by Ridley Scott, will soon be released on our screens. But why does Denis Villeneuve realize this sequel?
The year 2017 will be the resurrection of several universes imagined by Ridley Scott in the cinema: those of Alien and Blade Runner. But while the latter deals with the realization of Alien Covenant, of which 10 minutes were unveiled very gory , what about of Blade Runner in 2049 ? After all, the man could have taken care himself of the continuation of his cult film released several decades ago. Yet it will be Denis Villeneuve who will have the difficult task of staging this future production starring Harrison Ford (in his original role) and Ryan Gosling. The main argument is obviously his First Contact , one of science fiction that marked the end of 2016 many spectators.
With this foray into the world of science fiction, Denis Villeneuve has rapidly proven and convinced Ridley Scott to entrust the reins of his film . Not to mention that the director has other successes to his credit as Prisoners, Sicario, Fire … The man’s success is such that the studios have decided to entrust the adaptation of Dune, another monument of the science- Fiction written by Frank Herbert (and already transposed to the cinema by David Lynch). In short, with all these good elements, Denis Villeneuve seems to be the ideal choice to achieve Blade Runner 2049 with Dave Bautista tease a very cool role . Rendez-vous next October for the verdict. What do you think ?