Blake Lively: Even after a very short night, the young mother shines

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

Only two hours of sleep? It does not even show.
Blake Lively is among those who want to prove that acting career and mom of life are not incompatible. Particularly active since the birth of her second child in September 2016 , the American actress of 29 years multiplies the appearances.
After attending the prestigious Golden Globes (January 8) with her husband Ryan Reynolds , Blake Lively has trodden a new red carpet last night (Wednesday, 18 January), the People’s Choice Awards. For this new provision, the former star of Gossip Girls was not a jumper, but a cavalier, a face that his fans are very familiar in the person of its big sister Robyn.
Bare legs, dressed in brilliant fringes, Blake Lively has, as usual, perfectly mastered the exercise of the red carpet. Her sublime and long blond hair dropped, the luminous complexion, the actress did not give at all the impression of being tired. And yet …
Ryan Reynolds’s wife revealed on her Instagram page that she slept only two hours the night before the ceremony. Unveiling in full preparation before meeting the photographers, the young mother thanked all those who allowed her to hide her very short night, L’Oréal Paris – of which she is one of the ambassadors, her make-up artist And his hairdresser. His lack of sleep, she owes it to her youngest daughter, who is prénommerait Ines and her nursing proudly.
Awarded the prize for best actress in a drama for her role in The Shallows ( Survival Instinct , out August 17) in France, Blake Lively spoke her mom but her husband in her speech on the Scene of the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. ” My mother always told me when I was a child: ‘Do not let anyone put you limits” , she told the hearing, before turning to Ryan Reynolds. Thank you to my husband who is everything to me. ” He concluded with humor:” You can not have it! It’s mine ! “