Blindspot season 2: 3 questions that we ask about the rest!

Season 2 Blindspot not return until 4 January. It is hoped that the Midseason Premiere answer all our questions …
There are ten days, episode 9 of season 2 of Blindspot was broadcast. And the least we can say is that it was simply explosive! Jane managed to convince Roman to turn against Shepherd, FBI agents were trapped by Sandstorm organization, taupe agency was discovered … Though it has left us speechless (and has finally allowed the hearings of the season 2 of Blindspot back ) this Winter Finale left us with lots of questions. If you wonder which of course Patterson and Robert was hit by the shot that went into the final stage, 3 other issues really bother us! First, one wonders what are the plans for Sandstorm Weller ? Indeed, we know that the terrorist organization monitors from a young age, and she has probably sordid plans for him. Well yes, if Shepherd and other absolutely want in life, it’s for a reason …
According to Martin Gero , the creator of the series, the FBI team will attempt the early episodes of the second part of season 2 of Blindspot discover what unites link Kurt and Sandstorm. Second question that arises ? Roman will he regret his betrayal Shepherd and eventually return to it While Jane has erased his memory at the Final Winter, that he will be sufficient for that he completely forgets his mother and decides to side with her sister and the FBI? Nothing is less sure ! Finally, question that arises from the beginning of the season, Jane and Kurt will they finally end up closer again? According to recent statements by Martin Gero, the two ex-lovers should finally succeed in passing au over their mutual betrayals from the Midseason Premiere season 2 of Blindspot . All is therefore perhaps not lost for former lovers! And you, what do you expect the next few episodes?

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