Blindspot Season 2: Episode 11, our critic, Jane facing his worst enemy

Cinema 13 January, 2017

Season 2 episode of Blindspot was broadcast last night on NBC. Jane had to face her worst enemy. Discover immediately our review of “Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord” and the promotional video of episode 12!
Yesterday evening, a new episode of Season 2 of Blindspot was broadcast on NBC. This series makes us completely addicted. The episodes increase in intensity from week to week and we always ask for more. Episode 11 was simply crazy and left us on a shocking revelation. We offer also immediately discover our critique of “Autumn Droll, Unmutual Lord” and later, the video promo of the episode 12! First, in episode 11 of season 2 of Blindspot, Kurt and Allison have faced unexpected . If we fear the worst for their future baby, we can be reassured, it goes perfectly. Only shadow on the board, her baby’s mother got a promotion in Colorado. If Kurt wanted to participate and integrate into his future role as a father, it was a failure. Where will this story go? Moreover, this episode allowed the return of a character, whom we disliked. This is Keaton, the CIA agent who tortured Jane . While they thought of arresting one of the biggest terrorists allegedly dead, Kurt and his team came face to face with the CIA. Jane is inevitably shocked to find her worst enemy. Unfortunately for them, they will have to collaborate to stop a terrorist attack that takes place a few hours later …
The attack finally place in a high school and the person referred to is none other than the daughter of Keaton . The criminals want the release of their man and are ready to blackmail the CIA agent. Despite their big differences, Jane overrides and it is thanks to her that the teenager is saved. Keaton is grateful to him and sees how Jane has never been a threat. Does he regret his gesture? Their relationship was rather confrontational but a certain electrical tension was passed between the two characters … Could it be that his enemy becomes a regular character and that a romance is to be expected …? It would be crazy but conceivable! Read between Zapata and was also tense after the exchange of their kiss. But at the end of “Autumn Droll, Unmutual Lord” , Tasha invited to have a drink and their relationship seemed more relaxed. However, we are convinced that she too has feelings for him, especially when we saw the look she gave him when he was dragging another woman. Sadness was on her face. Why did she repulse him then? The plot of this episode 11 of season 2 of Blindspot was always drawn to Roman and lost his memory. Things do not go forward and he is convinced that it was his mother who blotted out his memories and not Jane … What a shock when he learns the truth. A psychiatrist tried to talk to him and made the quick conclusion that it could never be “repaired” . According to her, he is condemned to remain imprisoned (either in prison or in a psychiatric hospital) for the rest of his days. Jane refuses to hear this and feels responsible. No doubt she will do anything to prove the contrary!
The final scene brings us a new mystery. Patterson managed to decipher Jane’s leopard tattoo and by the same token she understood Roman’s obsession with sugars. Her subconscious makes him play the game of Mancala and it is thanks to this that she was able to know the meaning of the tattoo. This is the social security number of a certain Kat Jarrett , who would apparently part of a gang called Viper Kings. What is the link with Sandstorm? Well Patterson found a Kat picture with … Roman . What is their relationship? To find out, it will wait until next week but until then you can find out the promo video of episode 12 of season 2 of Blindspot announcing heavy! Entitled “Devil Never Even Lived” , this episode will be full of surprises. The FBI will release Roman from prison to help them on a mission. However, can they trust Jane’s brother? Was that their only option? We look forward to knowing but in the meantime, discover what is the future of the relationship between Jane and Roman in season 2 of Blindspot! What did you think of this episode?