Blindspot Season 2: Episode 12, our critic, SPOILER is dead!

Cinema 20 January, 2017

Oh my God ! This episode 12 of Season 2 of Blindspot was simply crazy. This is the moment to discover our criticism of “Devil Never Even Lived” and the promotional video of episode 13!
Which episode ! If last week, in episode 11 of Season 2 of Blindspot, Jane faced his worst enemy , in “Devil Never Even Lived,” we had to bid farewell to a character. This twelfth chapter was absolutely crazy! This season 2 of Blindspot continues to surprise us from week to week. Needless to say that this one was one of the best that we proposed this season 2 of the TV show. So it’s time to discover our review of “Devil Never Even Lived”. Roman is the key to advancing the Shepherd investigation and Jane understood it. She does everything to convince the FBI to let him go on a mission with her to the famous Kat Jarrett. If we were not sure what the connection was between the young woman and Roman, we immediately realized that their connection was strong. They were former lovers but because of his sister and his adopted mother, Roman had to put his life aside. Their undercover mission unfortunately does not go as planned and to show his loyalty, Roman was forced to “kill” Kurt and Read, at least to shoot at them. Of course, the two FBI agents simulated their deaths, but fortunately they had bullet vests. Despite this gesture, Kat will soon realize that her ex-lover and sister are working with the police and from that moment on, everything will go wrong!
Roman arrives to bury Kat by saying that he loves her, unfortunately, the young woman will lose her life. If we have known his character only since this episode 12 of season 2 of Blindspot, his death has particularly affected us. In spite of her criminal airs, she had a great heart and wanted to believe in Roman and her love. Jane’s brother will reveal to him that he lied to him, and that he felt nothing for her. He worries moreover to know what is wrong with him and especially, why he feels no feeling. Jane will try to comfort him and promises to do everything to free him. If their relationship seems to improve, it may break completely when he learns that it was actually Jane who erased her memory and not Shepherd. She had better tell him before he remembered her because her memories reappear more quickly than her own. Moreover, this episode 12 of the season 2 of Blindspot ends with a twist of crazy. Jane goes to Kurt to comfort him since the latter and Nas have broken up. She focuses on one of her high school notebooks and she discovers a picture of him younger at a basketball game. If this shot could be innocuous, it is not and it announces an incredible episode 13 . Jane recognizes a woman in the tier, who is none other than Shepherd. What is she doing there? Kurt is in shock and pronounces the following words: “I remember her”. What is their connection?
“Devil Never Even Lived” was really very successful. This episode 12 of Season 2 of Blindspot has put us in full view and we do not get tired of these intrigues. He mixed a good dose of action, a lot of emotions and new mysteries. In addition, relationships have been highlighted. Roman / Jane, Roman / Kat, Kurt / Nas or Jane and Kurt almost had “a moment” in the final seconds of the episode, just before Kurt discovers Shepherd’s identity. In any case, it promises for the future and episode 13 promises to be intense . Besides, the video promo leaves us speechless. As we can see in this trailer of “Named Not One Man” , we will surely be in shock. The truth will burst open and we will finally know the nature of the connection between Jane and Agent Kurt. Why did she have her name tattooed in the back? From what we could discover, Waller would be a double agent … WHAT? Has he manipulated everyone since the beginning of the series? Does he work with the Sandstorm organization? The wait will be very long before to discover it … But to wait until Wednesday night next, test your knowledge on the season 2 of Blindspot! And you, what did you think of this episode?