Blindspot season 2: Episode 13, SPOILER is a double agent, what will happen?

Cinema 20 January, 2017

After an incredible episode, what about the thirteenth chapter of this season 2 of Blindspot? Find out all the details about “Named Not One Man” now!
In episode 12 of Season 2 of Blindspot, a character is dead . If we had just met her, her disappearance saddened us all the same. Watch out for spoilers if you have not seen the episode yet. It was Kat Jarrett who lost his life in “Devil Never Even Lived” . She was actually Roman’s love interest and despite her lack of feelings, we are sure that before she lost her memory, he had to be in love with her. In addition, this episode left us on an enormous twist. Kurt knows Shepherd ! Who is it for him? This is what we are going to know in the episode 13 of the season 2 of Blindspot which looks very intense and explosive! Moreover, the promo video of “Not One Man Named” left us speechless and we are still in shock at this huge revelation …
Yes, as we were able to find out in the promotional video of Episode 13 of Season 2 of Blindspot , Kurt would actually be a double agent. Does he work from the beginning for the Sandstorm organization? Did he manipulate everyone and especially Jane? This is the big question we ask ourselves, in any case, the truth should burst open in “Named Not One Man” . Moreover, according to the synopsis, the FBI team will obtain a size index in the Sandstorm case, when it will discover the true identity of Shepherd … and its connection of several years between it and Weller. What is their relationship? The revelations announce shock! Waiting to know them, find out what is the future of the relationship between Jane and Roman in season 2 of Blindspot! What do you expect from this episode?