Blindspot Season 2: Episode 13, when will it air?

Cinema 27 January, 2017

Despair! While we thought that the episode 13 of season 2 of Blindspot would be broadcast last night as usual, that is not what happened. But then, when can we see it? Discover it immediately!
Last week, in episode 12 of season 2 of Blindspot, which is our critical, a character is dead . It was actually Kat Jarrett who lost his life, Roman’s love interest. If we thought it could have been further exploited to strengthen Roman’s human side, that is not what happened. She made a lightning appearance. In addition, at the end of the episode, Kurt remembered what was the nature of his relationship with Shepherd . We therefore expected that episode 13 of season 2 of Blindspot with great impatience … Yet it is with sadness that we discovered that “Named Not One Man” was not aired last night on NBC. But then, when will he come back on our screens? Discover immediately return date Jane, Kurt and Novel !
Patience, patience … The episode 13 of season 2 of Blindspot will not be broadcast next week and it unfortunately will have to wait … We shall find our only FBI agents on Wednesday 8 February . Yesterday evening and next week, it is episodes already broadcast that have been placed at this time slot. Hopefully the reunion will be better and this episode 13 will give us a full view. Actually, it should not disappoint us, because we will finally know the truth about Kurt, his childhood and his relationship with the adoptive mother of Jane Shepherd . This revelation will just happen later than expected and we’re starting to get used to the series! Pending the issuance of “Not One Man Named” Discover what is the future of the relationship between Roman and Jane in season 2 of Blindspot ! Are you eager to find out?