Blindspot Season 2: Episode 8, our criticism will SPOILER she fired?

Cinema 10 November, 2016

Tonight episode 8 of season 2 of Blindspot aired on NBC. So it’s time to discover our critique of “We Fight Deaths one Thick Lone Waters”!

blindspot-saison-2-episode-8-2x08-nbc-spoilersAfter a week away, episode 8 of season 2 of Blindspot finally aired last night on NBC. The showrunner Martin Gero, had warned us that it would be incredible and we can say he was right. If the beginning was a little soft and without much intensity, we can not be said of the rest of the episode. In the first minutes of “We Fight Deaths one Thick Lone Waters” , a former character, not very popular, made a comeback in the show. This is none other than AUSA Weitz (Aaron Abrams) has this time taken for Nas target . If in season 1, he tried to KO Myfair today he attacked Nas and he is not ready to let go, to believe that he has a problem with women in power. Besides, in this episode 8 of season 2 of Blindspot, the NSA agent unveiled another face that particularly affected us. Her character is becoming more widespread and we can only be delighted. If initially we had some doubts about it, they all flew in “We Fight Deaths one Thick Lone Waters” !

This episode 8 of season 2 of Blindspot was very successful . “We Fight Deaths one Thick Lone Waters” highlighted the collective aspect and proved that the FBI team was absolutely incredible and very united. In addition, the pressure was at its maximum. Between the appearance of Weitz, kidnapping Kurt and difficult decisions taken by Nas, we did not know where to turn. One thing for sure is that this team is desperate to save one of his and Nas actually now completely part. Unfortunately, trying to save Kurt, she seems to have fallen in love, it has attracted the ire of Weitz will be desperate to fire her. Besides, she is not alone in risking his place as Zapata and Read concealed evidence about the murder of coach Jones. He will catch them in their secret Season 2 Blindspot ?

In any case, the end of this episode was particularly intense, very emotional and poignant . However, the small party organized in honor of Kurt and Alison was still a little odd, since all women of Weller agent were present to celebrate his future fatherhood. The only downside that we can point to is the Shepherd case that was relayed to the background, except the final scene that brought us for its many questions. Roman found Jane to announce that Phase 2 was activated but he needed her! What does that mean ? One thing for sure is that we are eager to know the result because more episodes go by, they are successful and gaining momentum. What does the episode 9? While waiting to find out, see if Kurt and Jane still have a hope in season 2 of Blindspot! What did you think of this episode?