Blindspot Season 2: Episode 8 will be aired tonight FINALLY!

The wait will soon come to an end! After two weeks of impatience, episode 8 of season 2 of Blindspot will finally be aired tonight.

blindspot-saison-2-episode-8-2x08-serie-saisonIt’s been two weeks since you expect, this is it, it happens! After the horrible disappointment of last week Blindspot will FINALLY back tonight! Indeed, episode 8 of season 2 of Blindspot, which should have been released last Wednesday , was deprogrammed at the last moment because of Game 7 World Series. Tonight, “Do Not Slack, The Featherweight Wins” will be available, and will therefore end two weeks of unbearable waiting. And so much the better, because we really began to boil with impatience at the idea of finally discovering the plot of this new episode, which looks frankly amazing and explosive. For this week, one of the main characters the series will end in great danger . Kurt will actually kidnapped during a mission with Jane!

To save him, all the FBI agents are having to join forces, and above all put their differences aside. Tasha and Reade will have to forget their recent disputes, Jane will successfully work with Nas, which is not only his boss, but also the new girlfriend of Kurt! A budding relationship that always surprises us as much and that may evolve in future episodes. Well yes, it is that the two ex still sees feelings for each other! Kurt and Jane will they finally end up getting back together this season 2 Blindspot? For that, would still have the members of the agency managed to save the future father in episode 8, which will be released in just a few hours. And you, do you wait to see this episode?

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  • Browniehardbody

    Looking forward to this episode! So Kurt is going to be tortured and beat up by his captors ~ Good on Kurt! The way Kurt’s been acting toward Jane lately (and in general overall…), he should get his share of hurting and bruising!!! Surely, nothing compared to what happened to Jane when she was brutally tortured for 3 months at the hands of the CIA! Yup! And still, it will be the loyal and dedicated Jane who most likely manages to save Kurt’s butt yet again. It would be poetic justice to have Kurt finally realize that he absolutely needs Jane in his life (he loves her after all…), but it will be just too damn late for him!!! Too bad, sucker! And Jane moves happily and lovingly forward with someone else much more deserving of Jane and her attributes… maybe Oliver Kind, if he turns out to be a good buy. Yeah, and then Kurt can suffer that most deeply intense hurt of all ~ the loss of Jane! Even with a family of a new baby, Sarah and Sawyer, Kurt would tragically be all alone in himself!!! Good! No Jane… No Life!!