Blindspot Season 2: Episode 9, our critic, Jane unmasked and FBI trapped in the Winter Finale!

Cinema 17 November, 2016

Episode 9 of Season 2 of Blindspot aired last night in the US. What got us this Winter Finale? immediately Discover our review of “Why let cooler pasture deform”.

blindspot-saison-1-diffusion-tf1-jane-janeThat twists! Last night, episode 9 of season 2 of Blindspot aired and we wondered if Jane would succeed in defeating the plans of Sandstorm . The answer remains open even if it looks on the positive side. This Winter Finale was just crazy and successful. One thing for sure is that the wait will be long before the return of the series, January 4 . The final scene left us speechless and both say that the writers do not have the right to leave us like this! One of the key characters will surely die and we’ll have to wait several weeks until you know who it is. “Why let cooler pasture deform” brought together betrayals, romances, brotherly love, traps and this mixture was explosive . Do not wait and immediately discover the strengths of this episode 9 of season 2 of Blindspot!
This Winter Finale of Season 2 of Blindspot starts strong and the pace will not back down throughout the episode. Jane is with Roman and Shepherd and they report to him that Phase 2 is on and it will not return to the FBI . Fortunately (or not), Jane has found a pay phone and was able to prevent contact Kurt. Neither one nor two, the FBI team is preparing to save Jane and simultaneously stop the Standorm organization. Will they achieve this? NO ! Kurt simultaneously receives a phone call from the boyfriend of Allison to warn that she had a car accident and was taken to hospital. Obviously he ran to his bedside as his team went on a mission. It was at that moment that everything changed and the action will enchainer. Roman drugged her sister and when she wakes up, she is bound and held prisoner . Thus we learn that Shepherd was aware from the very beginning that Jane was the FBI side and that it was she who killed Oscar. If she remained alive until today, thanks to his brother who wanted to bring it back to them … As the FBI nothing goes …
Yes, it was all a trap and Jane saw helplessly as his team go for it. Bombs exploded and Nas, Read and Tasha were under the rubble. Meanwhile, Kurt realized that Allison was never taken to the hospital and it was just another trap for him away from his team. After that, he drove immediately to the place of mission and discovered the building exploded. Who is dead ? Fortunately, he managed to rescue Tasha, Read and Nas but many agents were killed. Jane his side was about to die. Shepherd asked Roman to kill his sister but he was unable to do. Phew! So he had to fight against it to save his sister, even though he was hit in the shoulder. Jane managed to free himself and this fight scene between the three characters was pretty intense. Roman Shepherd stopped pulling on him and Jane helped him flee. When they found themselves both, our heroine has done everything to save her brother . She took the momentous decision to erase his memories so he could start over . What will happen when he awoke? This plot was quite surprising but what really left us speechless is the final scene where Patterson visited Robert and she discovered he was the mole in the FBI . Their confrontation is strong and it ended with a shot. Who was hit? Well that’s the big question that will remain outstanding until January 4th … Waiting to know the answer, discover if Kurt and Jane still have a hope in season 2 of Blindspot!