Blindspot Season 2: Episode 9 tonight, Jane does manage to thwart the plans of Sandstorm?

Cinema 16 November, 2016

In episode 9 of season 2 of Blindspot, Jane will try to end the plans of Sandstorm. But all may not go as planned!

blindspot-saison-2-blindspot-saison-2-kurtIntense, stressful but incomplete … It is with these words that could define episode 8 of season 2 of Blindspot aired last Wednesday with a week late . Intense and stressful because we all sang to the rhythm of Kurt kidnapping, but incomplete because a plot in particular was echoed in the background. Indeed, at the end of episode 7, Roman finally learned that Jane was actually in cahoots with the FBI. So we thought his reaction would occupy a very important place in the next episode … But no! If this was a little disappointed, we can be sure that the episode 9, which will be broadcast tonight will catch up! Indeed, as can be seen in the promo video for “Why let cooler pasture deform” Sandstorm plans will be central to the plot!
After several episodes of absence, Shepherd will return. For better but mostly for worse, apparently. In the video, one can indeed hear him say “It’s time to say goodbye” while Roman has his gun pointed at Jane … He Has denounced his sister? Will he really kill her? If so, the FBI team did arrive in time to save her? But Jane apparently will not be the only one in danger in this episode puisqu’Allison will turn up again in the hospital. One thing is sure, this new episode of Blindspot looks even once explosive and could put us really live! Such intrigues will they succeed in making up the hearing of Season 2 of Blindspot, which continues to decline each week ? We hope so! And you, what do you expect of this new episode?