Blindspot season 2: SPOILER can she really die?

Cinema 26 November, 2016

That is the big question that all fans are asking after watching the Winter Finale of Season 2 of Blindspot. SPOILER could she really die?

blindspot-saison-2-blindspot-saison-2-episodeEpisode 9 of Season 2 of Blindspot was absolutely explosive. Jane was unmasked and the FBI went straight into a trap . Moreover, this Winter Finale was full of emotions. Read will have to undergo surgery and its days are numbered but what makes us most afraid of is the fate of Patterson . The Informatics Queen realized that Robert was actually a mole and they were both beaten in the last scene of the episode 9. Winter Finale was also arrested on a shot and we feared the worst for the pretty blonde. Has she been touched by Robert? But above all, she can die in Season 2 of Blindspot?
We look forward to seeing the episode 10 of season 2 of Blindspot which will be released on 4 January . We reserve he? One of our favorite characters can he die? Well this is what we fear most. Sometimes the writers have no mercy with us and look out the teaser of Winter Premiere Season 2 Blindspot , Patterson seems to be the victim . She looks shocked and almost inert. His gaze is in a vacuum. Could she survive his injuries? We hope so but that does not surprise us that it disappears from the series . Unfortunately, we will have to wait several weeks before discovering whether Patterson will actually die later in Blindspot … And you, do you think his days are numbered?