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Entertainment 19 December, 2017

M Pokora

Monday, December 18, M6, proposed a program titled M Pokora & friends, where the singer, who had made his debut on the private television channel, was honored. But in the face of the telefilm fall in love at Noel programmed by TF1, the issuance of M6 has done very bad hearing.

The year-end holidays fast approaching. The opportunity for TF1 to set a nice telefilm Christmas on Monday, December 18. Proposed in prime time by the private channel, the telefilm fall in love at Noel, with Julie De Bona and Tomer Sisley was attended by many viewers. 6.2 million of French people were in front of their screen.

Viewers who had not chosen to dedicate their evening to M Pokora. In fact, the M6 offered this same evening, a program devoted to the singer. Accompanied by his artist friends, M Pokora was on his musical career, the show Popstars today. But the program has obviously not been able to find its audience. Less than a million viewers were in front of M6, a terrible flop for the private channel.

A major disappointment as for the singer, who had recently declared that it wants to take a step back and take a break in his musical career. “After everything that happened, the album, the promo, The Voice, the My Way Tour and everything, I need to take a step back, let it flow a little water under the bridge. In short, I’m considering a gap year next year, in 2018. For two reasons. On the one hand, the desire for a breaker, so, but also because I do not want to weary the people by chaining constantly a drive, a tour, a record, a tour… ” has entrusted clear-eyed young man in his last work. A year that will seem very long, for the many fans of the artist.

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