Bob Sinclar “loves” his new brother-in-law, a huge TV star!

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

The DJ is full of praise for the man who recently married his sister’s sister.
This is information that was totally unknown! The great DJ Bob Sinclar is since August 27 last the brother of a former star of TF1.
The sister of his wife Ingrid married a former TV reality show presenter who has since worked on C8. This is Benjamin Castaldi ! Yes, by marrying this summer with its beautiful Aurore Aleman , the 46 years of TV man joined the family of the DJ. And between the two men, the current is immediately passed.
In the pages of the magazine Closer , Bob Sinclar not say enough about his brother: ” What a charming man I have a lot of luck, and I love my sister-Aurore [the sister of his wife Ingrid! , Benjamin is a man who knows how to assume his responsibilities, he has a family spirit, a very generous person, with a fabulous energy, a lot of humor, love. I could talk about him for hours! ”
Very close to his family, Bob Sinclar also confers in the course of the interview that his mother has a key role in his work. ” After her retirement, she was bored I told him. ‘Come on, I need you to handle my business.’ Who but a mom can do that as well? “He says. As for his two children – Raphael is 16 years old and Paloma is 12 – they are the first to listen to the future DJ tubes and to judge them.
Sinclar is all about family history!