Bobbi Kristina death: Conviction record for Nick Gordon, Bobby Brown delighted

Entertainment 18 November, 2016

The award has fallen and is rather heavy.
bobbi-kristina-et-nick-gordon-a-la-premiRecognized civilly liable for the death of Bobbi Kristina in September, Nick Gordon has been sentenced by a US court. The adopted son of the late Whitney Houston will pay $ 36 million to the heirs of his girlfriend. The daughter of the late diva had the same disastrous fate as her mother last year and Nick Gordon, who had not presented to the judge summons, bears responsibility.
The judge found the amount of damages that a man of 25 years will have to pay, and the note is salty since his father ensured that Bobbi Kristina was planning a career in showbiz. ” It was a true artist. She was laughing all those around her. She was doing all the time joking and it was the queen of the evening, or she goes. I know she had talent necessary to succeed , “said Bobby Brown, according to the US site information TMZ . Yet we can not say that the 47 year-old rapper has been very present in the life of his daughter, it would be even rather the opposite .
But Nick Gordon, who lived with Krissy and Whitney from an early age, must still pay him 1,825,041 dollars for using the pension fund Bobbi Kristina, 1,370,877 dollars for assault and medical expenses that result, $ 13 million for the suffering inflicted and additional 4 million because she was under the influence of alcohol and drugs , and finally $ 15 million for him he hath killed.
Nick Gordon has no money
For now, the main person did not react but a relative told the magazine People that he was completely distraught. ” Nick is not going well at all. He has no money, it is more symbolic than anything else because they will get nothing from it. You can not drink from a well that has no water. There will probably declare bankruptcy but for now, it does not have clear ideas. it is necessary that everyone takes responsibility, no Nick who had a role to play in this matter , “reports the magazine. Bobbi Brown for his side, who is dad to six children , was delighted with this award and called the prosecutor to expedite the proceedings and initiate criminal prosecution against Nick Gordon.