Booba absent, he tackles the artists invited for the Fete de la Musique

Entertainment 23 June, 2017

B2O sent a small tackle to the artists present on France 2 on the day of the Fête de la Musique.
Wednesday was the Fete de la musique. For the occasion, melty had concocted a small playlist with NLP, Maitre Gims and Rihanna in it. Like many people, you probably took the opportunity to party with your friends and / or family. Others preferred to spend the evening quiet at home, in front of their TV. If you belong to this second category, maybe you spent the evening in front of the show All in Toulouse on France 2 , history to still celebrate the event. A show where you will certainly never see Booba, who has placed a small tackle on the artists present .
“I’m on Pluto t’es on France2 … #surfacingwiththe brain #conditions” drops the rapper on his account Instagram, commenting on a selfie of him in the USA. A punchline from the song “Loin d’ici” , released on his album DUC Soprano, Black M, M Pokora, Bigflo and Oli, Lartiste … If we look at the list of artists present, none are in clash with Booba Patrice Quarteron has tackled again recently) . What did he mean through this post? Is he the one who has not been invited? Does he consider that he would have as much room there as a Soprano for example? Or was it just a reference to the title “Away from here” ? At melty, we would look more for the third interpretation …