Booba and Benzema, Rohff and Griezmann, Niska and Matuidi … To what extent are rap and football related?

Entertainment 30 May, 2017

From Booba and Benzema to Rohff and Griezmann, through Niska and Matuidi, find out how rappers and footballers can be linked.
Rappers have always liked to play alongside footballers, and vice versa. The proof again a few days ago, when Booba congratulated Benzema for his title with Real Madrid, while addressing a tackle to Didier Deschamps. But why do they love each other so much? The reasons are as numerous and varied as there are rappers: either because the footballer likes the music of the rapper, or because the rapper admires the talent of the footballer, either because they embody the same model of success, or because That the footballer represents a “catch of war” in a clash, or because the footballer represents the values ​​of a city … melty offers you to discover a small anthology of the close ties that some rappers maintain with the footballers.
The best known case is of course the Booba x Benzema relationship. For the past few years, the two regularly show their mutual support, one not hesitating to defend the other as soon as it needs it, like the B2O, which often tackles Didier Deschamps on the non-selection of Benzema as a team from France. A Benzema who, in the past, had a small preference for his rival, Rohff, with whom he went so far as to rape a few words on the title “Make me pass” . Mario Balotelli is also part of the footballers that the two rappers have regularly tried to bring back to their cause, especially in the great clash era, in 2013.
At the end of 2015, it was Niska who dedicated the PSG player Blaise Matuidi in the title “Matuidi Charo” , notably for his “charo” mentality (guy who does not give up anything). Jul, who has just unveiled a new freestyle , also has a small passive with the footballers: fan of Olympique de Marseille, he went so far as to invite Benjamin Mendy, OM player at the time, They report together on the title “What’s Happening” . A Jul who is also often autographed by Rémy Cabella, he who makes the sign Jul as soon as he scores a goal. Kaaris is also known to have been supported by Paul Pogba, who made his sign of strength as he scored a goal when he was in Juve, but today is rather associated with MHD, Who dedicates it in his “Afro trap part 8” , and whose clip is shot in Manchester, city where Pogba plays now. What is your favorite footballer / rapper duo?