Booba and Kaaris again at war, huge clash on Instagram

Entertainment 26 May, 2017

While it had been a little while that they had not taken the lead, Booba has just relaunched his clash against Kaaris in a masterful way.
Since that famous day of 2013 when Kaaris had refused to speak in a video of support for Booba, B2O and his old foal are in open war. For a long time, K double A refused to respond to repeated attacks from his rival. But a few months ago, he eventually ended up yielding to temptation. Since then, he replies to each of the pikes sent by the self-proclaimed Duke of Boulogne. But while they have not been squabbling for a while, the b2o has just relaunched the hostilities by mocking Kaaris’ double clip, Boyz in the hood and Contact .
In this double clip, Sevran’s rapper plays actor, in a short film that recalls the latest clips of PNL (which has just obtained a diamond record with Dans la Légende) . Unconvinced by the performance of his rival, the rapper now domiciled in Miami mocked the acting of Kaaris in a scathing way. “Call to all the cars we found the dredger of the bus shelter, I repeat, we found the dredger of the bus shelter! The day when the lahuiss stairs go up there and put lino on the floor! #do I know you ? # Taspasunnuméro? # Festivaldesanes #deafjam “. While the K double A has not reacted yet, his reaction should certainly not be long … What do you think of this attack of Booba against Kaaris?