Booba in clash with Kaaris: “It’s a small player”

Entertainment 25 January, 2017

Guest on OKLM Radio, Booba has once again made him talk by clashing rapper Kaaris. To discover in video.
Decidedly, there are not many people who like the B2O. Right in the clash with Patrice Quarteron boxer for months, Booba still arguing with his opponents from the middle of rap. Guest on January 17 in the show “The Sauce” on OKLM Radio, the Duke did not mince his words about the interpreter of “Tchoin” : “It remains a small player, it can not compare to me For me it is a small, today anyone makes gold record, practically all rappers (…) As it is a small player, a gold record it makes him enjoy it goes up The ceiling is in the 7th heaven but gold record is nothing. It can not be compared to me it must descend to Earth. (07: 25 ‘) Atmosphere …
Between the two rappers, it was never crazy love. Before Quarteron, Booba had made his party to Kaaris on Instagram. The interpreter of “DKR” reproach him for not having supported when he was against war and Rohff La Fouine. Instead of settling things, the Duke of Boulogne prefer to put oil on the fire at each appearance in the press, as he did by mentioning again Patrice Quarteron: “In the clashant (Kaaris) I Did him a lot of promo, like Patrice Quarteron, looks at his Instagram account. ” Maybe he would stop many small and guégerres out his new album as expected and continue to support noble causes like when he supported Mario Balotelli, victim of racist cries during a football game . What do you think of this provocation from Booba?