Booba: Kaaris answers him again with humor

Entertainment 5 February, 2017

After Booba mocked him, Kaaris decided to humorously respond to his Instagram account.
While the spirits had calmed down a bit lately, the clash between Booba and Kaaris resumed a lot more than two days ago. The reason ? The cheating scandal on streaming, which you can discover all the details here. Seeing this, Booba could not resist sending a spade to his rival, who responded to him in the stride. Several attacks followed on both sides, before the clash drifted on Kaaris’ physique. “The abs and underwear DIM commaaannnnn so ….” cowardly Booba in particular comment of a photo of his rival. Faced with this attack, the K double A decided to respond with humor.
“#estquetuaimesmoncalecondim #jelaimisspecialementpourtoi” says Kaaris about her Instagram , commented a video of a concert of him to Belgium where he actually carries leggings DIM. A rather funny response from the rapper of the 93, who preferred to play the map of humor. In the same line (but a little trash anyway), The Weasel was also attacked for Booba in mocking him. What do you think of this answer of Kaaris on the last pike of Booba?