Booba: La Fouine looks for a look-alike of his rival for his next clip, he answers

Entertainment 9 April, 2017

While La Fouine would look for a look-alike Booba for the needs of his next clip, the B2O, after seeing this, decided to react.
While he had decided not to reply to the attacks of his rival, a few months ago, La Fouine turned around by going back to clashing Booba. Since then, they both regularly send small pikes. The latest? When La Fouine made fun of Booba and his mixtape Autopsie 0 , reminding everyone of the big clash that he had dropped in 2013. But while there was a small period of lull during the last Weeks, the war between the two rappers reopened yesterday. In question ? La Fouine would look for a look-alike for her rival for her next clip. An announcement that Booba wanted to answer.
“Send the address of the cast I have the man you need …” he wrote on his account Instagram, commenting a photo showing the casting announcement. An advertisement on which one can notably read that the agency in charge of recruiting extras for the next clip of La Fouine searches “a man resembling Booba” . Is this real? In any case, if it is, we are curious to know what La Fouine has prepared , he who will soon return with his mixtape Censored Crime Capital … According to you, what prepares La Fouine for his next clip?