Booba: La Fouine will finally respond to all his attacks

Entertainment 4 February, 2017

While he had decided not to respond to the attacks of his rival, La Fouine finally came back on his decision.
By the end of the summer of 2014, the Booba VS La Fouine clash ended after the two rappers clashed in a gym in Miami. Since these events, the rapper who grew up in Trappes had decided not to meet the pikes Booba (which is a music legend by Black M) . B2O, for its part, continued to attack him relentlessly on his account Instagram. And deal with these relentless attacks, despite its good intentions, La Fouine cracked: last summer, in an interview with our colleagues Booska-P , he invited his rival to settle accounts with bare hands. So far mute on social networks, yesterday he decided to make a big announcement.
“The family, tomorrow at 18h, I’ll finally meet B2OBéatrice me too sought in recent months when I was away. #LeLascarEstUnLache # JeSuisDeRetourBéatrice” he loose in a video commentary in which he states including that he preferred to go to Morocco to look after his father rather than reading the tweets of his rival. There are some days, it is directly in the comments of a post of Booba, as was done recently Kaaris, La Fouine taclait his rival on his mixtape Autopsy 0 . See you tonight at 18 pm to find out that we reserve the rapper … What will make La Fouine to you?