Booba: Less strong than Kaaris on Instagram?

If Booba has more followers on Instagram than Kaaris, the DUC’s publications have fewer interactions than those of Zongo le Dozo. The details !

Did Booba lose his hand? If, to date, no French rapper has managed to fine him, the DKR interpreter seems to be less powerful on Instagram. Well, it is true that he always has more followers than Kaaris but, the publications of the DUC generate fewer engagements than those of the interpreter of Tchoin. An example ? There are several on this social network. When Booba’s photos are liked a little over 30,000 times, those of Kaaris do the double of like. Where is the error? Booba who clashed Kaaris with his new Mercedes S 65 AMG would it be tu-ba? Not so sure…

Kaaris is more powerful than Booba … on Instagram
To understand the power of Kaaris on Instagram, you must read between the pictures. Sevran’s rapper (who told us about his bodybuilding techniques) enjoys a nice capital sympathy, despite all these stories of clash. And it must be emphasized that K2ARIS knows how to stage. While Booba does not hesitate to share promotional content (Ünkut, OKLM …), Kaaris relies instead on content that put it forward . Today, Booba is more successful in sharing a photo / video with his children than a new Ünkut collection . Like what, you have to talk about yourself before you become interested in others …

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