Booba: Mula, between Diamond Cuban Link and Ferrari F12, its most stylish references!

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

Booba again struck. As he prepares to participate in the inauguration of the 2017 CAN, the 92i rapper posed in featuring with Siboy on the Mula track. Between Ferrari F12 and Diamond Cuban Link, here are the best references of B2O
Booba continues to delight us. When it does not reveal new applications or we do not try to restyle with saps discountées in Ünkut , the “boss of rap game” spends time behind the mic. And as usual, the result is often amazing. Invited by Siboy the song Mula, Booba makes us want to charcoal as ever . Between Ferrari F12 and Diamond Cuban Link, it makes us dream with its feather uncomplexed. While waiting for the clip of this kalash of 2017 and the total look Ünkut of Kopp, meltyStyle is interested in the references of Booba in the matter of bling-bling. Here’s the best of them.

“Ferrari F12, weekend in Marrakech” : As Dosseh say, whoever said that money was not the happiness was not to know the right dealer.
“Diamond Cuban Link’zer plated on V neck” : the diamond chain Reference (Diamond Cuban Link) to be found around the neck of Booba. If you want to get you, it will be ready to unleash a nice sum of money here.
“Marijuana Leaf in gloubi-boulga” Did you know that the “gloubi-boulga” is an imaginary flat found in the island for children, a children’s program broadcast in France in the late 1970s and early 1980. Yes, Booba-which recently launched its line of emoji app in not like the others- is an eternal boy.