Booba: Patrice Quarteron again attacks his wife

Entertainment 13 May, 2017

The boxer keeps on fighting against the B2O. This time, it is his wife who is targeted.
But when will he stop? While Booba has decided not to respond to the attacks of Patrice Quarteron, the boxer, on his side, does not let go the steak. Did he always digest the words of “Daniel Sam” , a song in which Booba addressed the boxer directly by insulting him violently? In any case, it does not happen a week without it attacks the rapper. The latest? When Patrice Quarteron had clashed Booba using different television channels of Florence Foresti , in which she mocked the rapper. Three days ago, the boxer re-offended, this time against the B2O woman.
“YOU LIKE TO SODOMIZE MOTHERS MY COQUIN CONTACTED PATCHERS ON MAXI BLARFF.BALTRINGUE.COM” says the boxer, commenting a photo of the woman of the self-proclaimed Duke of Boulogne. A message in subtlety, which shows how much Patrice Quarteron wants the rapper. At melty, we can only advise the two rivals to listen to our friendship playlist, with Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars. Failing to reconcile them, maybe it would help to ease the tension between them, who knows … What do you think of Patrice Quarteron’s attitude towards Booba?