Booba: Patrice Quarteron does not let go of the case and continues to clasher on Instagram

Entertainment 22 January, 2017

While Booba has decided to end the clash with Patrice Quarteron, the boxer, on his side, continues to send him pikes on his account Instagram.
Earlier this week, having been leading for months with Patrice Quarteron, Booba decided to end their clash last post through Instagram. “Come on we give him a good-bye. This is the last time I mention this individual, ” said the self-proclaimed Duke of Boulogne on his Instagram account, in the comments of a photomontage of his rival disguised as a woman. The boxer, for his part, decided not to let go of the case. Very active on Instagram, he continues to attack the rapper on a regular basis. You can discover an anthology of his various pikes below.
Since the announcement of the end of the clash by Booba, Patrice Quarteron has posted no less than 14 posts in which he attacks his rival. And attacks are many and varied: first on his concert in Gabon for the opening ceremony of the CAN 2017 which Booba was invited, then on Youtube score of his latest title “Daniel Sam” and then the mother of Rapper to whom the boxer would have surrendered, on their missed appointment, and finally in a series of videos inspired by the series The Walking Dead in which Patrice Quarteron embodies Negan and where the b2o is Rick. There is no denying the boxer seems more than recovered against the rapper now lives in Miami … What do you think of these picks sent by Patrice Quarteron?