Booba responds to Kaaris’s pike on his clip with Lacrim

Entertainment 30 May, 2017

While Kaaris attacked Booba on the cancellation of his clip, the B2O did not hesitate long before replying.
Last Friday, Kaaris unveiled a double clip, Boyz in the hood / Contact. By matting him, B2O obviously typed a big bar, especially when the K double A is supposed to dredge a waitress by asking him his 06. Result, the rapper today domiciled in Miami could not s’ Preventing him from addressing a message to his rival on Instagram, making fun of his short film. The next day, after waking up, after seeing this, the K double A replied by attacking him on many subjects: the day when he would have fled before La Fouine, his supposed relationship priced with a transsexual, the clip said to be missed Of “ELEPHANT” , the cancellation of his clip with Lacrim … A last pike to which the self- proclaimed Duke of Boulogne was keen to respond.
What the B2O responds through the video above, which is seen during the shooting of his clip with Lacrim, and on which … it is day. “AULNAY SOUS-BOIS 3am … The sun at 3am is a lot not? ?! #Armandleteurmen ” says Booba, who is part of the rappers who are buddies with footballers. Okay, the clip was shot during the day. But will we ever have the chance to beat him, given that the Bac intervened to interrupt it? On that subject, we still have no more info … What do you think of Booba’s answer?