Booba: Siboy, what is hiding under the hood of his new protege?

Entertainment 28 June, 2017

While Special, his first album, comes out this Friday, portrait of Siboy, the young protégé of Booba.
In the family of hooded rappers, I ask Siboy! Be careful not to confuse him with Kalash Criminel, who will soon be on Jul’s new album: while Kalash Criminel is a friend of Kaaris and comes from the 93, Siboy comes from Mulhouse, and he is the buddy Of Booba, who has so much kiffé that he decided to have it signed on his label 92i. A label in which members are very productive in recent times: Shay, Damso, and Benash have all released their first album this year or last year. Now it’s up to Siboy, who will be releasing their first album Spécial this Friday, and we’re already looking forward to listening, so promising are the first releases.
How to describe Siboy in a few lines? First big peculiarity: as said before, he wears a hood, which is already original enough to be underlined. His music ? In the straight line of the 92i, whose members all seem to be children of Booba (against whom Patrice Quarteron continues to fight) , Siboy does not deviate from the rule: he too, his niche, is hardcore rap. But like every member of the 92i, it has its own peculiarities: while Damso is very first degree for example, Siboy does in the extreme, which becomes fun. A second degree not so surprising when you look at the interviews of Siboy, who laughs almost every 30 seconds. Be careful not to believe that it does Fatal Bazooka: Siboy, it remains hardcore rap, Sometimes very dark in what he describes. Behind this somewhat grotesque character, he defends real ideas.
Siboy is also a very special interpretation: full of gimmicks, full of energy, he lets speak his madness by shouting almost constantly on traps very dark traps, without at one moment it becomes embarrassing or tiresome. Visually, he also succeeded constantly to think outside the box by proposing original clips, such as that of “Eliminated” . In short, you’ll understand, we kiss Siboy. Now it remains to know what it gives on a complete album, and if he will take a few risks, he who nevertheless cows nevertheless cowardly to a single musical delirium. We are also looking forward to his enticing featuring with Benash and Damso, who recently lost his first place in the Top albums. Will Special will it live up to our expectations? Answer in two days … And you, what do you expect from Special, Siboy’s first album?