Booba VS Kaaris, the bombing of the Ariana Grande concert, Drake’s race to BBMAs 2017 … The recap music of the week

Entertainment 27 May, 2017

The clash Booba VS Kaaris which resumes more, the attack of the concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester, the consecration of Drake to the Billboard Music Awards 2017 … Discover now the recap ‘music of the week.
As for the French artists, this weekend was marked by the return of the Booba VS Kaaris clash : while they had not been confused for a while, the b2o once again caught up with his rival Spectacular mockery of his acting in his short movie clip “Boyz in the hood / Contact” . A Booba mocker, who could not shoot the video of “Oh bah yes” with Lacrim this week, notably because of the Bac, which had to intervene because the clip was not allowed. Fans of Lacrim will still be able to console themselves by going for a place for one of his concerts, the rapper having revealed this week that he was preparing to make a tour throughout France for the first time in his life .
As for the internationals, the most striking information was of course the attack of the concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester, which made about twenty dead and more than 50 wounded. Still in shock, the American singer still wanted to ensure her upcoming concerts, including the June 7 in Paris, when Ariana Grande will make her big comeback on stage. A concert that is already very exciting … Otherwise, the news of the US scene this week is also the return of the clash Katy Perry VS Taylor Swift, which resumed after Katy Perry passed in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, and that she promised her rival would soon be entitled to a response to “Bad Blood” . It promises … Finally, at the beginning of the week, Were the Billboard Music Awards 2017, which will have dedicated Drake, who left the evening with no less than 13 trophies. Good weekend at all, kisses, and we say to next week. What was the most notable news of the week according to you?