Booba vs. Patrice Quarteron, the boxer strikes at photos

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

The fight continues between Booba and Patrice Quarteron. On Instagram, new unflattering photos have appeared.
When there are no more, there are still some. Booba definitely seems to have turned the page by ending once and for all to clash he opposes Patrice Quarteron: “Go it makes it a great goodbye This is the last time I mention this individual.” He legend on a montage of the boxer made up like a woman. The B2O seems tired of this squabble that lasts for months . But Quarteron does not expect to let his rival get away with it. On Instagram , he continues to multiply hate posts will acharnant ever.
In a new post, he dashes the Duke of Boulogne who poses with a policeman, reproaching him for constantly insulting them in his songs and then posing proudly with them. Funnier still, he shares a montage of rapper dressed in municipal police, retraining should have done the interpreter of “DKR” following the breakage of his vocoder, which is used to insert the autotune in the songs. These small tackles are childish laugh critics of Booba and driving up the boxer’s popularity rating . One thing the B2O understood, which is why it no longer responds and prefers to support Mario Balotelli. What do you think about Patrice Quarteron’s attitude?