Booba vs. Patrice Quarteron, the rapper ends the clash with this photo

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Ranking the popcorns, Booba has just put an end to his clash with Patrice Quarteron. A photo post and the end point is posed.
After the embarrassing video posted by Booba , we said that the clash with Patrice Quarteron would flare. I must say they clash with blow of images and hashtags on Instagram displaced for weeks now ( if not for months ). When it is not one that posts a montage it is the other who then puts himself at that rhythm, things were not ready to arrange. We speak in the past because it seems that the Duke of Boulogne is finally taken a good resolution regarding the clash. After his trip to Gabon for the CAN 2017, the rapper posted a picture on Instagram that speaks volumes about his intentions . We find Patrice Quarteron with a cup with the Mireille Mathieu accompanied by a caption piquant.
Booba blurted out: “Come on you makes it a great goodbye This is the last time I mention this individual I am extremely disappointed know it good luck Bye bye for your fight against casper and God guide you..!. .. just reactive comments on your page that hackers can romp be fair play. Farewell # yaceuxquifontdesvidéos … ” implying that Patrice Quarteron never came to fight with him when he had the opportunity. If we believe this message, the two men will never come to the hands despite all the threats they have been able to send. We almost want to say that all is well that ends well . This is not the same for Kaaris and The Weasel who suffered a nasty tackle in “Mula” the title of Siboy ft. Booba . In your opinion, will the rapper keep his word?