Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce, an important document leaked

Entertainment 8 January, 2017

Between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, nothing is easy, far from it! While their divorce is one of the main people subjects, the leakage of some documents may not help the situation improves. But who is it?
Decidedly, the Pitt / Jolie battle did not finish wreaking havoc, even several months after this famous announcement that upset the whole Hollywood. Between Battle for children but also for battle as information not fuitent, Brad Pitt would it scared Angelina Jolie and have something to hide? The actress’s divorce request has already tainted the image of her future ex-husband when she revealed her excesses of violence but also addiction to certain drugs. A public exhibition of their problems, which is not good for their family … A source close to Brad Pitt has revealed that this violent separation “absolutely hurts the whole family” . And Brad would not be the first to be hit hard: ” It’s sad that it took almost 4 months for them to agree on some points but it only took one day to make it public (…) Brad was cleared by the FBI as well as social services and it is unfortunate that they continue to act to harm their family ” . Papers about their chords have leaked on the canvas and it does not risk arranging things …
According to the same source, an agreement was reached by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to seal the documents concerning the children, the latter having already been far too involved in the divorce of their parents in a public way. Yet some documents were leaked on the web, documents you can find HERE , a situation that does not appeal at all to Angelina Jolie! According to the source of the Daily Mail , the actress accuse Pitt of disclosing these documents to “change its media image in their divorce” . Brad Pitt would use these various documents to show that he is not the “bad guy” he appears in this story. Does the actor act thus for fear that Angelina Jolie reveals big secrets about him and not to blacken his reputation? The end of the famous divorce may not be for now … Anyway, Angelina Jolie would threaten to reveal everything ! What do you think Brad Pitt is afraid of?