Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce: The actress on the edge of the nervous breakdown!

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

After their divorce, Brad Pitt finally seems to regain a taste for life while poor Angelina Jolie would be on the brink of depression!
After very difficult months, everything seems to finally go better for Brad Pitt! The actor appeared in better shape than ever alongside Sting and Chris Cornell at a charity concert where many stars were present. In addition, the war with Angelina Jolie seems to be over, the ex-Brangelina are now advancing hand in hand to settle their divorce. Not to mention that Brad Pitt would have found love in the arms of the actress Kate Hudson. But if the actor seems to find happiness, it would be the opposite to his ex-wife. Angelina Jolie would be just on the verge of depression and nervous breakdown . The actress who appears increasingly lean, is actually not at the best of its form since his divorce from Brad Pitt she would regret enormously.
Angelina Jolie would have doubts about her divorce from Brad Pitt. It’s very possible! The actress has a hard time seeing her ex-husband regain a taste for life without her, she simply would not support it. Angelina Jolie would like to reconquer the actor! According to OK! , She called Brad Pitt over 20 times a day but it would not be interested in the idea of picking up the pieces . The actress would not know what to do with her ex-husband and would be close to crack. His efforts do not seem to be enough! As for Brad Pitt , it would benefit from this divorce to refocus on itself and adopt a much healthier lifestyle. And do you think Angelina Jolie should have thought longer before asking for a divorce from Brad Pitt?