Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce, the actress ready to recover her ex?

Entertainment 5 March, 2017

Six months after the announcement of the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the actress could regret his choice … And if Mrs Smith tried to reconquer Mr Smith?
The months have passed since the announcement of the divorce of Brangelina and yet nothing seems to be arranged for the two actors, to the great despair of the fans who keep hope of seeing the couple to reform one day. Unfortunately, it’s a little panic for Angelina Jolie since Brad Pitt gets closer to Jennifer Aniston ! We know very well the rivalry that exists between the two actresses concerning Brad and it would seem that although the interpreter of Rachel in Friends is now happy in love in turn, the ex of the actor may fear that The couple Aniston / Pitt is reformed. What would be a huge blow for Angelina Jolie! See her ex back with the woman he left for her … Hard, hard! If Angelina Jolie seems s’ Soften in her battle against Brad Pitt for some time, would she regret her divorce petition? Would she be willing to do her best to recover her ex? The actress would send messages to Brad Pitt …
About 2 weeks ago, Angelina Jolie traveled to Cambodia with her children for a first official family outing since her divorce with Brad Pitt on the release of her film “First They Killed My Father” . The actress then gave her very first interview about her divorce where she reported that it was not an easy time but that they would always be a family. If Brad Pitt could make a cross on love , would the words of Angelina Jolie have been influenced by an exchange of messages of the two ex? “Angelina finds it hard and she asks herself about turning Brad out of her life … For the first time since their separation, She unblocked Brad’s phone number and she was the one who tried to write to her first, ” a source told Radar Online , a new hope for Brangelina? ” Angie finally cracked a few days before giving her first Interview about the divorce with late messages to Brad where she told him it’s hard for her (…) Two nights before the interview, she sent a message to Brad saying she did not want to live anymore Her life through a team of lawyers and she would like to spend time with him even if it’s more like a married couple. She even suggested that she and the children could spend a family day with him and that they could reunite a united family without necessarily getting back together as a couple ” , Said the same source. Like what, never say never? Maybe some time later, pictures of the Jolie / Pitt family will appear in order to confirm these famous messages! Do you think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could get back together?