Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce, the actress regrets her choice?

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

The Brangelina divorce is a little “I love you, me neither”. While Brad Pitt may have found a new girlfriend, Angelina Jolie would already regret her divorce … It’s to lose her head!
The divorce Brangelina continues to talk about him a little more each day in recent months. And if the atmosphere seems to have subsided between the two ex for some time, it may start over again with the latest rumor of the week … forget Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Kate Hudson ! Exit the interpreter of Lara Croft, Brad Pitt would no longer be a heart to take? What ruin the hopes in fans of the couple Brangelina who still hope a reconciliation between the two actors. If this rumor is true, how will Angelina Jolie react? Most definitely a blow for the actress! Especially when one learns that she already regret her divorce with Brad Pitt … Could this awareness or proof of jealousy facing the rumored couple with Kate Hudson?
Would the fans of Brangelina not have the wrong to finally hope for a reconciliation between the couple Hollywood flagship? It would seem ! According to a source close to the actress who confided to OK! Magazine , regrets are already present at Angelina Jolie: “Angelina called and told him how much she loves it lacks (…) She tries to remind her of all the good times they had together ” . The change of behavior of Angelina Jolie is still surprising since since the announcement of their divorce, the actress tries hardly to shed light on the defects of Brad Pitt as well as to fight against him. “Once she says that her world revolves only around Brad Pitt and the other time she accuses him of ruining her life. She vogue between love and hate with a disturbing velocity” , unveiled this source . Anyway, Angelina Jolie appears increasingly lean on some very disturbing pictures … Would you like the Brangelina couple reform?