Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorced: Does the actress have any doubts?

Entertainment 15 January, 2017

In recent days, many rumors have circulated that Angelina Jolie would regret having divorced Brad Pitt. Are they true? Discover the truth of the fake!
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have stopped making war and decided to unite for their divorce happens in the best conditions possible. It will be a private judge who will take care of them so that they will not expose their cases in public. Moreover, in recent days rumors have circulated about a potential regret from Angelina Jolie . According to rumors launched by Star , “Angelina Jolie would be desperately unhappy and completely torn her breakup with Brad Pitt she would be on the verge of collapse.” . In addition, the magazine added that the actress called Brad Pitt constantly, telling her how much he missed her. So does Angie have any doubts? Does she want to go back to her husband and the father of her children? Not so sure .. .
Even if Angelina Jolie can not manage the education of his children without Brad Pitt , the latter does not seem to regret his choice. Being a single mother is not obvious, but the 41-year-old actress does not intend to backtrack in the divorce proceedings. It is the site Gossip Cop has denied all previous rumors launched by Star . According to them, these are only allegations and they contacted a source to be certain. Their touch made it clear they did not call Angelina Jolie Brad and especially she did not regret divorce . The separation of the Brangelina will take place and we hope that there will be no further rebound in their affair that can destroy their new agreement and their union! What do you think of these rumors?