Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorced: She yields to his demands!

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

Angelina Jolie seems to have resolved to be less hard on Brad Pitt and has yielded to the demands of her ex-husband!
After the announcement of their divorce in September 2016, the ex-Brangelina did not cease to wage war but it is possible that things are changing. In December, Brad Pitt was the first to reach out to Angelina Jolie taking the radical decision to sell their chateau in France which he was so attached. This did not convince the actress to initiate a truce. However, things are perhaps calming down between the former Brangelina. Angelina Jolie has just sold to a request from her ex-husband . Indeed, the actress has just filed legal documents stating that she agrees with Brad Pitt who had requested that the documents of their divorce remain private. Angelina Jolie has accepted that their affairs are not made public although she judges that the actor went a little strong by accusing her of washing their dirty laundry in public.
According to legal documents filed by Laura Wasser, the lawyer of Angelina Jolie , Brad Pitt is “terrified that the public know the truth.” The actor had injured his ex after filing unsealed papers trying to prevent change its custody arrangement but in the new document, it says that everything he does is to “deviate from its own role in Media storm that shook their children. ” “There is little doubt that [Brad] prefers to keep the whole matter private, especially in light of the detailed investigations by the Federal Investigation Bureau and the Ministry of Child and Family Services, Allegation of abuse. ” , She adds. The former Brangelina may have both agreed to seal the record but if Angelina Jolie categorically refused to see Brad Pitt , it seems that it does not change immediately because the tensions are still present between the two actors. And do you think Angelina Jolie will accept the alternate custody requested by Brad Pitt?