Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp: Kendall Jenner makes an amazing revelation!

Entertainment 29 January, 2017

While Kendall Jenner is rather discreet about her privacy, the 21-year-old has just made an amazing revelation about Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp …
In recent weeks, Kendall Jenner was in Paris for Fashion Week Man . An event in the world of fashion that was absolutely not missed. But if the models caused a sensation on the catwalks, Kenny J also noted when it was displayed accomplice with A $ AP Rocky in a posh Parisian nightclub. Soon, his fans questioned whether the two celebrities were more than just friends. Because yes, the big sister Kylie Jenner tries by all means to preserve his privacy by keeping the secret. And yet, there are many rumors about his love life. Is she in a relationship with Jordan Clarkson , Tyler or A $ AP Rocky ? Difficult to know. But what is certain is that Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt did not leave indifferent … Struggling to understand? Do not panic, the editor of melty explains you!
It’s on its application that Kendall Jenner has surprised his fans. The top model revealed for whom she cracked and it is not for her suitors now. The pretty brunette has unveiled with whom she would dream to go out and these two men are none other than Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt! “There is no more pleasant to watch than Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp or Heath Ledger They give off a vibe very old-school. – They exist more guys like that now, haha” she then Written in a post published on its site. And when we see the two actors, we can only agree with the choice of the mannequin. It must be confessed, the interpreters of Benjamin Button and Jack Sparrow are again and again parts of these personalities who fantasize . So surely, if the two actors of 53 years are now a little too old for Kenny J, there is no harm in dreaming. And speaking of dreams, know that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are experiencing the Italy . And you, are you crazy for Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp?