Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson as a couple: 5 things to know about the supposed new girlfriend of the actor

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

While Brad Pitt seems to have regained love with Kate Hudson, Melty’s editor unveils 5 things you may not know about her potential new girlfriend.
It is the rumor that scares the Web. Recently, Brad Pitt is no longer a heart to take as it would have succumbed to the charm of the lovely Kate Hudson . A new idyll that would do good to the American comedian especially after having lived difficult months. You are also aware that Brad Pitt was the center of a veritable media circus in recent months. After the announcement of his divorce from Angelina Jolie in September 2016, his companion for 12 years, who interpreted Benjamin Button entered an ultra-publicized legal battle. The two celebrities fought to get custody of their six children and even used all the means at their disposal. So much so that things quickly became complicated. But fortunately, the former pair Brangelina finally found common ground again and would even complicit. A reconciliation that would have allowed the actor to find love if we believe the rumors that invade social networks. Yes, Brad Pitt is now in a relationship with Kate Hudson. An amazing actress as the editorial ‘of melty offers to (re) discover in 5 points .
She speaks French . You may not know but Kate Hudson is one of those celebrities who are faring well with the French language. Reflecting the likes of Bradley Cooper , Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Diane Kruger , the actress we have seen in the comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days knows how to use the language of Moliere.
She was disowned by her biological father, Bill Hudson. The story goes back to June 2015 when the brother of Kate Hudson , Oliver, is the buzz by posting a picture of him and his sister on Instagram , captioned commentary: “Happy day of abandonment … @katehudson. ” This photograph published on the feast of the Fathers did not fail to sadden their dad, Bill Hudson . Because yes, he had been hurt by discovering that her children saw the actor Kurt Russell – who is none other than the second husband of their mother Goldie Hawn – as their real father. Annoyed, Bill Hudson then does not hesitate before handing in the columns of the Daily Mail UK wanting to distance Oliver and Kate : “I have five children but I consider not having more than three now I deny Oliver. And Kate, I would like them to stop using the Hudson surname and they are no longer part of my life. ”
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She launched her own luxury sports brand of wine . Kate Hudson could formalize her relationship with Brad Pitt , is a very athletic woman. The pretty blonde is a fan of healthy eating and meditation. Moreover, the actress has created her own line of sportswear called Fabletics in 2013. An innovative principle since each month, the site offers its customer (s) new outfits. But this is not the only project of the actress. It can also boast of being at the head of Hudson Bellamy , his own wine she imagined her ex-husband Matt Bellamy , the leader of the group Muse .
She has several strings to his bow . Talented actress Kate Hudson is known for her roles in blockbuster comedies. In 2001, the young woman of 37 years is even nominated for an Oscar in the category Best Actress in a Supporting Role for the film Almost Famous . But in addition to his talent for cinema, potential new girlfriend Brad Pitt is also a producer and director. Besides, Kate Hudson has launched Cosmic Entertainment in 2003, its production company alongside her mother Goldie Hawn, her stepfather Kurt Russell and his brother Oliver Hudson.
She is a dedicated mother . Like many American actresses, Kate Hudson manages not only his career but also his family life. The actress is also the proud mother of two boys: Bingham Hawn Bellamy 5 years, which is also the son of the singer of Muse, Matthew Bellamy and little Ryder Robinson , 13, son of the artist Chris Robinson , the singer of the Black Crowes . Fulfilling and addicted to his two little bundle of joy, mum never hesitates to share pictures of adorable with his children on Instagram . A trait that might have cracked Brad Pitt . Stay tuned … And you, do you think Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson are together?