Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson as a couple, why is she the ideal girlfriend?

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

Following his divorce, Brad Pitt would have found love with Kate Hudson! Why is the actress the ideal girlfriend?
If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie find their complicity during their divorce , the former couple Brangelina is not however prepared to stop the procedure to get back together. A friendship is perhaps born between them but their marriage and their love story are well and truly over. Brad Pitt would have found the love in the arms of the actress Kate Hudson. The latter’s mother recently spoke on the matter but did not really confirm the news. The two stars would like to keep their romance secret at the moment but would see themselves more and more often. As things work out with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt seems to finally have something to smile again especially with Kate Hudson who presents the ideal gilfriend for the actor!
The couple formed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was perhaps the most glamorous Hollywood but he also surprised many because the incendiary brunette looked nothing like the old girlfriends of the actor. Brad Pitt has always loved women like a little girl next door and the pretty blondes. Kate Hudson is perfectly his kind of women! She looks very much like Jennifer Aniston physically but also in her way of being and thinking. It is natural, simple and down to earth as Brad Pitt. He who was looking for a completely different woman Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson seems to be the perfect candidate. The young woman is an actress and therefore she is well placed to understand all the facets of the profession to which the ex of Angelina Jolie may be confronted. Moreover, the actress is a mom and can understand that her boyfriend is close to her children and makes them go first. And, in your opinion, is Kate Hudson the ideal girlfriend for Brad Pitt?