Brad Pitt: Angelina Jolie, a new passion helps her forget it

Entertainment 9 March, 2017

Brad Pitt decided to completely turn the page Angelina Jolie! For this, he is fully invested in his new great passion!
Brad Pitt thinks that Angelina Jolie uses their divorce to restore her image . When the actress decided to end her marriage, her reputation took a hell of a blow. But now she seems much more conciliatory and even revealed that despite their separation, Brad Pitt, she and their children would still be a family. If the former couple Brangelina seems to advance together in this divorce, the break has been no less difficult . Brad Pitt was devastated! To overcome this complicated and painful period, the actor decided to change his ideas by dedicating himself to one of his favorite passions, art! ”
If some turn to a therapist to overcome their divorce, Brad Pitt prefers to console himself through art . It was revealed to you that the actor had not attended the Oscars because he was working on a sculpture. “He must find it therapeutic and useful as he overcomes the end of his marriage with Angelina Jolie.” , Said the informant. The actor loves art in all its forms. Brad Pitt would be willing to collaborate on a common film project with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. What will Angelina Jolie say? Mystery! One thing is certain, the actor and the star of Friends are in contact again and should very soon propose a film. It is hoped that we will also be able to see the works of the sculptor Brad Pitt . And do you think Brad Pitt has found the right way to forget Angelina Jolie?