Brad Pitt bleached: The FBI investigation clot, new victory over Angelina

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

Federal police gives reason to social services, contradicting allegations of Angelina Jolie that her husband considered “dangerous”.
brad-pitt-avant-premiere-du-film-alliCurrently in full European tour for the film Allies is a Brad Pitt happy return to the United States in the coming days. The actor has officially learned he had been cleared of the suspicion of violence against Maddox against him.
The case dates back to mid-September, on board the private jet that brought the little family in Los Angeles. Apparently drunk and out of control, the star had been, a source close to a heated argument with his wife Angelina Jolie , among whom the eldest 15 years have tried to intervene . Brad Pitt would then pushed and even hit. The scene was regularly highlighted to symbolize the straw that broke the camel for Angie. A few days later, she filed indeed officially a divorce in which she requested sole custody of six children. Actress and director pretended that Brad was a dangerous father .
There are ten days, right after his first public appearance alongside Julia Roberts , Brad Pitt learned that he had been cleared of all suspicion. According to TMZ , the FBI was investigating more, along the lines of social services that had not more elements to encourage the judge to agree with the direction of Angelina Jolie. This meant that Pitt could claim joint custody of six children .
Today, People publishes an official statement from the FBI showing that the 52 year-old actor would not be prosecuted. ” In response to the charges during a flight within US airspace carrying Brad Pitt and his children, the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] has reviewed the circumstances [of the incident] and will not pursue investigation , “said the federal police also in a statement received by Agence France-Presse . The 52 year-old actor, who formed the couple Angelina Jolie with the most revered of Hollywood, ” not will be no charges on it ,” the FBI. This announcement is the second victory for Pitt already been cleared by child protection services.