Brad Pitt depressed and emaciated, his mother calls Jennifer Aniston to help

Entertainment 8 April, 2017

In recent days, Brad Pitt has appeared very emaciated. Worried about this new silhouette, the mother of the actor would have contacted his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston!
At the latest news, the relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has worsened. While they were thought to be on the road to reconciliation after finding common ground during their divorce proceedings, it would not be the case. Moreover, the actress would have even forbidden her children to contact their father . The reason ? She would not want her ex-husband to educate their six offspring from a distance and without her consent. A situation that would greatly disappoint the actor of 53 years who would be in full depression . According to the Daily Mail , the movie star would spend hours locked in a studio, Art of Los Angeles to work on his new passion: sculpture, while listening to sad songs. And the recent photos of the tired and very thinned actor would not help matters …
As Brad Pitt grew more and more emaciated, his friends defended him and did not hesitate to re-establish the truth. But they are not alone in watching over him! Since his mother Jane Pitt is also present at his side. Very worried about her son’s rather troubling physical condition, the actor’s mom decided to take matters into his own hands . According to a friend of the family at Radar Online , she would have contacted Jennifer Aniston because , according to her, Justin Theroux’s companion, whom she considers her own daughter, would be perfect to cheer up Of the interpreter of Benjamin Button . ” Jane is devastated to see in what state her son is. He is not doing well right now. She begged Jennifer to take care of him and help him rebuild ” tells the informant. Jennifer Aniston does it take so time to be present for Brad Pitt ? Hopefully yes! From Are the ex-Braniston still in touch?