Brad Pitt divorced Angelina Jolie: Can she stop him from seeing other women?

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

If Angelina Jolie decided to divorce Brad Pitt, could she however prevent him from seeing other women?
Angelina Jolie has finally yielded to some demands of Brad Pitt but if you would think that the former Brangelina were finally on the path of reconciliation, we are sadly mistaken. Their legal battle is far from over and they still have a long way to go. If Brad Pitt looked ready to have fun and meet new women, it could be faced with an obstacle, Angelina Jolie . Can the actress prevent her ex from having appointments with other women? Two lawyers recently told Hollywood Life whether Jolie had such rights! “No sane lawyer would permit a clause of non hot date ‘in a divorce .” Said David Pisarra. “However, I suppose if there were enough consideration and money involved, such a clause would be theoretically possible, I am not sure how a judge would be able to apply such a clause unless, There is a loss of money. ” , He explained.
If this type of clauses is rare, Brad Pitt would not be immune. “I heard rumors about Tom Cruise paying a large sum of money Katie Holmes to remain discreet and keep her private love life after their separation.While I have heard about these types of advertising clauses being part Large divorces, they are extremely rare and I have never seen them. ” , He admitted. “It’s completely legal because a person, maybe Brad or perhaps Angie, voluntarily chooses to moderate his behavior in exchange for a certain amount.” , he added. For the lawyer Kelly Chang Rickert is simply impossible to dictate Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt what to do or not. “Angelina can not decide who Brad sees and takes with her children.It is not relevant to ‘children’s interests’ and it’s really hard to apply.I think Brad can get more time when They will then return to court because it has so little under the current arrangements. ” , She concluded. If Brad Pitt reportedly spent Christmas and a holiday from hell , the coming months could not really be better. And do you think Angelina Jolie can prevent Brad Pitt from seeing other women?