Brad Pitt divorced by Angelina Jolie, he tries to reconquer one of his ex!

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

Brad Pitt feels well alone without Angelina Jolie. After Jennifer Aniston, the actor has relaunched one of his ex that he hopes to reconquer!
Angelina Jolie requested a divorce from Brad Pitt last September. The actor has been struggling to recover from the separation, it seems disgusted marriage and even admitted that he never thought to say “yes” to someone in life. However, he seems finally ready to live a new love relationship. If he wants his new girlfriend is radically different to Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt did not hesitate to raise his ex! But Jennifer Aniston refused to see , the star of Friends sympathizes but think it would not be respectful to her husband to see her ex. The actor would have tried to patch things up with another of his former conquests, the singer Sinitta . The latter has claimed that her ex Brad Pitt “continues to call” and would rekindle them at the show Alan Carr’s New Year Spectacular .
The presenter asked the singer: “Brad Pitt is single and you are out together?” . Sinitta then replied: “Yes, he called me and you know what I told Brad, advance!?!” Angelina Jolie is not the only one to refuse to see Brad Pitt! Like Jennifer Aniston, Sinitta does not seem to want to resume her romance with the actor. However, the singer confessed that “Brad kiss very well” and she liked the nickname that fans gave to their relationship, “Braditta”. In the late 80s, they were a couple of superstars Brad Pitt was an actor more known in Hollywood when she was a successful pop star. Sinitta was married to Andy Willner from 2002 to 2010 but although unmarried, she drew a line … Brad Pitt The actor should rather try to meet new people and make a real fresh start. And you, would you have liked to see Brad Pitt and Sinitta together again?