Brad Pitt divorced from Angelina Jolie, she loses it all!

Entertainment 25 January, 2017

Angelina Jolie may be sorry for her decision to apply for a divorce from Brad Pitt. Since the announcement, the actress would be losing everything. We tell you more!
This is a costly separation for the Brangelina. The exorbitant price of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce was unveiled and it would cost them no less than 6 million. Good for them is not much but still! Moreover, the twists and turns continue and are not ready to stop until the formalization of their divorce. If Angelina Jolie has done everything to prevent her ex-husband to see her children, she could lose her fight but not just that . Since she drew a line on the father of her children, the life of Angelina Jolie has changed a lot. A source told the magazine Life & Style that a judge would have ordered Angelina Jolie to allow Brad Pitt to see his children. We give you all the details right away!
Angie had forbidden her ex husband to meet her children several times. When the matter was brought before the court by Brad, the judge allowed him to visit the children on a more regular basis. The source added: “People saw Brad Pitt act responsibly while Angelina was operating a smear campaign against him He was sure Brad would win this battle..” . With all these stories, Jolie would have even problems with members of his team: “There are huge disagreements with his team They fight some of them do not like his way of managing.. things against Brad . “. Is Angelina Jolie really losing? To be continued but in the meantime, discover why Kate Hudson is the perfect girlfriend for Brad Pitt! What do you think ?