Brad Pitt divorced of Angelina Jolie, he is ready to find love!

Entertainment 14 April, 2017

After several months of a very intense divorce procedure, Brad Pitt would now be ready for a new romance in his life!
For some days, a crazy rumor has invaded the Web. According to her, Angelina Jolie would already consider the idea of ​​marrying her new companion, a British businessman. Information relayed by many American tabloids and which has not failed to elicit strong reactions on the Web. Info or intox ? Difficult to know! For his part, Brad Pitt would not appreciate too much that this man is approaching his children. Indeed, the 51-year-old actor would even feel threatened by the one he already considers an intruder. A rather tense situation. But far from dramas and other polemics, the actor seems to focus on his new passion: sculpture. And yet,
According to the New York Post , Brad Pitt would then enjoy his celibacy. The movie star would have even managed to go out with women and this, far from the media scene . A step forward for the actor! Nevertheless, Angelina Jolie ‘s ex-husband would prefer to remain discreet about his new conquests for fear that his children will learn it. For the moment no name has been quoted but one thing is certain, the interpreter of Benjamin Button seems to be back on the market! But beware, despite his desire to go ahead, Maddox’s dad would still not be ready for a serious romance. According to the American site, it would be fun simply without taking a head. From then on, the rumors of couple on him are totally false. As proof, while Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller were already being imagined as a couple, the actress spoke for the first time about their relationship and she did not go by four ways. What do you think will make Brad Pitt crack?